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The #UKAŽKOULE campaign starts!

It shows that even people with the most severe disabilities can play sports

Attract more attention to a non-traditional sport - bocce. People with the most severe forms of disability can also point out the fact that even the most severe forms of disability can play sports and be successful. And financially help this Paralympic discipline. These are the main goals of the just starting #UKAŽKOULE campaign! The charity call officially begins on Sunday, October 18, and runs through mid-November.

Startuje kampaň #UKAŽKOULE!

Jirka Marsín was a normal healthy boy. He played in the hockey extra league for the Třinec youth. But only until he could drive. He escaped from the accident alive, but with lifelong consequences - disability and wheelchair. They know a number of such stories at the Handicap Sport Club (HSC) in Havířov. But in this club, similar stories have a pretty nice sequel. It's called boccia.

"It is a sport similar to French pétanque. It is intended for people with severe physical disabilities. Players in the game use balls of two colors - red and blue, which they launch from a special ramp. Accuracy and force are key,”Explains Kateřina Šajnarová, the head of the club behind the #UKAŽKOULE initiative! Thirty athletes from all over Moravia are dedicated to the Paralympic discipline at the HSC.

Campaign: information, cooperation, money for athletes with disabilities

Campaign #UKAŽKOULE! refers to the game equipment used by athletes with disabilities. But also the fact that overcoming a congenital disability or serious injury and taking a restrictive life actively is a huge challenge. However, HSC officials and the media also want to "show the balls" information and fundraising campaigns choose funds that go directly to athletes. Equipment is not cheap. For example, the mentioned ramp will cost more than 20 thousand.

"We are not about arousing compassion. On the contrary, we want to show the determination with which our athletes live and train. Introduce the bocce and show that our charges are able to prove something in it. Even defeating completely healthy opponents,”He emphasizes Kateřina Šajnarová.

That's also why the campaign HSC they are joining other sports clubs, such as Ostrava Miner, extra-league volleyball players from the same city, hockey players AZ Havířov and Steelworks Trinec, where he started sports Jirka Marsín. But individuals - the Czech representative in athletics - also associate their name with the challenge Pavel Maslák or a professional triathlete Petr Vabrousek.

"We don't just want to stay in the world of sports. We have and will have active support from the music group Mirai, radio Orion and Czech Television. They will all help us to spread information about our sport and our athletes,”Concludes Šajnarová.

Campaign #UKAŽKOULE! is a public collection that he organizes Handicap Sport Club Havířov. The club offers sports activities for athletes with disabilities and is the largest and most successful sports club in the Czech Republic focused on bocce. He takes care of thirty athletes from all over Moravia with a congenital severe disability or after a serious injury. His jersey is played by 6 Czech national team members, including participants in the Paralympic Games.

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