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Unfortunately there will be no H10 this year :-(

Dear competitors and fans of the Havířov ten,

Despite all the efforts of the organizing team, the support of the city of Havířov and the main partners of the race, we unfortunately have to announce the cancellation of this year's Heimstaden Havířovská ten.

Letos H10 bohužel nebude :-(

We even have a variant of starting in waves under 20 runners, which we consulted with hygiene and we did everything to ensure that the race can take place under current regulations. Although this variant would have little in common with the full holding of the race, the event would at least take place. We did not want to deprive you of a running experience, Boccists for the yield and the city of Havířov for the revival of its center, especially when similar races are really the minimum this year.

Unfortunately, at a time of ever-changing government regulations, when there is a risk of further tightening every day, we do not want to risk preparing the race in accordance with current measures, which will change again just before the race. In this chaos, a running event of the Havířovská ten range simply cannot be meaningfully planned and carried out. We do not want to risk that tightening the regulation will not allow us to carry out the action just before the event, and unfortunately - even this can happen today

We are very sorry, until the last moment we believed that we would be one of those who would not give up and manage to organize the race.

We will automatically transfer your entry fee to 2021, so you don't have to worry about losing it. If you are not interested in transferring to the next year, fill out the form from 14.10 to 30.10. and we will refund your entry fee of 80%. However, we will be very happy if you keep your entry fee until the next year, you will save us a lot of work and you will express your support for us. We already have more work with the plant than in previous years. Although it will not take place this year at all. T-shirts did not go into production at all, their production is postponed to next year. If you do not want to wait, we will refund you in full - you need to fill in the form again. The hats are made, but we will also leave them to next year. If you want to have them with you now, there will again be space in the form.

We believe that you understand us and will keep us in favor, and we will soon meet better times at the start of our or any other running races.

For the H10 organizational team

Lumír & Martin