Havířov, October 15, 2023 – An unforgettable sporting experience took place on Sunday morning in the center of Havířov. The Heimstaden Havířovská desítka 2023 brought over 1000 runners of all age categories to Havířov for several different races

The performances in the main race deserve the most attention, where two new track records were set. In the men’s category, Semenovych Bogdan, born in 1986, set a new track record with an amazing time of 00:29:41, earning him the gold medal and even surpassing the representative of endurance running in the Czech Republic, Jiří Homoláč, born in 1990, who took home the silver with a time of 00:30:11. Bogdan commented on the race experience as follows: ‘I really enjoyed the race, excellent organization. The weather also turned out great. If it fits into my plans, I would gladly return to Havířov for next H10.

In the women’s category of the main race, Semenovych Natalia, born in 1995, became the record holder with an exceptional time of 00:34:06.

Another record was achieved in the fundraising aspect, as this year, thanks to the participants and sponsors, an impressive amount of 155,000 CZK was raised, significantly more than in previous years.

“This year, we raised a record amount for disabled athletes from HSC Moravia. We primarily thank all the participants, the generous main partner Heimstaden, and last but not least, Autodrom Vrána, which rounded up the entire amount in the end,” said co-founder of the race, Martin Kučera, appreciatively.

Jan Rafaj, CEO of Heimstaden, explained the generous financial donation for disabled athletes from HSC Moravia with the following words: “H10 has a unique atmosphere, and we are glad to support not only a great race but also its charitable dimension. I really enjoyed it yesterday.”

Although the morning atmosphere of the race changed several times, from sunshine and comfort to heavy rain and hail, enthusiastic runners and fans enjoyed an unforgettable sporting moment. After a short break due to adverse weather conditions, the participants returned to the track to finish the race in the spirit of competition and solidarity.

The H10 2023 confirmed that this event is not just about running but also about bringing the community together and helping those in need. The entire race was filled with emotions and determination, bringing an unforgettable sporting experience to all involved.

“Every year, we are moved by how many runners are willing to break a sweat, some even going above and beyond, instead of lounging on the couch on Sunday. We are even more surprised each time by the increasing number of such brave souls at the starting line. Thanks to each of the runners, opportunities are opening up for our boccia players because such a beautiful contribution will pay for at least 3 national tournaments for them in the next season! Thank you for allowing us, too, to participate thanks to the H10,” exclaimed Kateřina Šajnarová, chairwoman of HSC Moravia, with enthusiasm and gratitude.